Reduce complexity with cloud-based log management and analysis

SolarWinds? Loggly? makes log management and analysis simple with a simple setup and configuration that helps you get started quickly. It has an agentless architecture that makes deployment faster.

Furthermore, Loggly offers both the server and application-level logging, which means you can have a single interface to capture and monitor all your logs at a lower operational cost. By creating a single source of truth for your distributed team, you can ensure that issues are resolved quickly. To upload logs to Loggly, you can use either syslog or any other log source (e.g., Fluentd, Docker, rsyslog, etc.) of your choice.

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Extract useful information quickly from all your logs

Loggly is a cloud-based log management solution that provides real-time answers to your operational questions without requiring you to log into individual servers or learn complex commands. Loggly’s Dynamic Field Explorer offers a convenient click-and-browse experience with a structured summary of all your log data. This ensures you don’t have to start your searches from a blinking cursor on a blank console.

Loggly is highly efficient in searching through current as well as past data, which helps in faster troubleshooting across the entire distributed stack. Furthermore, Loggly links exception logs to the source code with GitHub integration. This makes it possible for your team to find the exact line of trouble-causing code with a single click.

Streamline log analysis with interactive dashboards and charts

Loggly helps you make sure that everyone can monitor logs in a highly visual manner using advanced charts and interactive dashboards. The dashboards help you monitor important metrics and other indicators and can be displayed on large screens for everyone to be on the same page. Loggly automatically analyzes log data over a period and keeps track of trends in different time frames, which allows your team to detect anomalies without fail.

Moreover, you can click a spike in the dashboard to find associated logs for further troubleshooting and analysis. Unlike traditional count-based thresholds, you can also specify a threshold in relative terms using standard deviations in Loggly. This feature makes it easy to set up the right kind of alerts and reduce false alarms significantly.

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